Un film de Peter LATZKO

Direction Artistique: Georges H.MOREL

Musique: Godefroy DE MAUPEOU


Horace Bénédicte DE SAUSSURE, Jacques BALMAT , Gabriel PACCARD, Marie PARADIS, Henriette D'ANGEVILLE, Albert SMITH, Joseph VALLOT, Jules César JANSSEN, Arnold FANCK , Roger FRISON-ROCHE,Jean MOINE , Michel ZIEGLER, Lionel TERRAY, Maurice BAQUET, Gaston REBUFFAT,Haroun TAZIEFF, Patrick VALLENCANT, Anselme BAUD ,Yannick VALLENCANT , Jean-Marc BOIVIN,Rudy KISHAZY, Roger FILLON, Stéphano DE BENEDETTI Emilio REY, Giusto GERVASUTTI, Walter BONATTI, René ROMET, Bruno GOUVY, Tony BERNOS, Patrick GABARROU, Patrick BERHAULT, Eric ESCOFFIER, Christine JANIN, Michel FAUQUET, Jérôme RUBY, Dédé RHEM...


This film tells the story of all the important events that have occurred on the Mont Blanc since 1786 when it was first
climbed by PACCARD, BALMAT and DE SAUSSURE. Just three years before the French Revolution.
Introduction: The birth of the Mont Blanc (Commentary by Michael LONSDALE)
History of Paccard, Balmat and De Saussure, 1786: Engravings, paintings, drawings The first film of the climb with Joseph Vallot in 1906 + first images of the Janssen observatory buried
in 1909
Extracts from "Storm on the Mont Blanc" by Arnold FANCK 1934
First radio broadcast from the summit by Roger Frison Roche and his biography, 1932
Lionel Terray skis down the north face of the Mont Blanc.
Construction of the Aiguille du Midi cable-car, 1950/1955
First helicopter landing by Jean Moine, 1955
Air evacuation sequence with René Romet
Maurice Baquet and his cello
Climb of the Mont Blanc by Gaston Rebuffat and Haroun Tazieff ­ construction of an igloo on the
summit. 1961
Extracts from Peuterey la Blanche with Patrick Vallençant and Anselme Baud 1976
Yannick Vallençant (12) skis down the north face 1980
Extracts from the Innominata with Stefano De Benedetti
Landing of the first aircraft on the summit by Ziegler, 1960
First hang-glider take-off by Rudy Kishazy, 1973
First para-glider take-off by Roger Fillon, 1982
Sequency Jean-Marc Boivin 1982, hang-glider take-off from summit of Mont Blanc. Extreme skiing:
first ski DH: the Drus, Courtes and the Moine
First parachute landing followed by the first snowboard DH by Tony Bernos, 1986
Extracts from Everest Turbo with Eric Escoffier, Christine Janin...
Chamonix marathon, up 4,807m and back. Record by Laurent Smagghes in (5.hours-30 mn), 1988
Crossing the Mont Blanc by the seven north faces by Patrick Gabarrou and Pilier du Freney by
Patrick Berhault
Extreme surfboarding in the Mont Blanc range by Jérôme Ruby ad Dédé Rhem, 1998


Standard: Digital Beta
First shown in Chamonix: February 10, 2000
Distribution: Broadcast-TV, conferences, videotapes, DVD, etc...



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